Stella Ghervas

Stella Ghervas is Visiting Scholar at Harvard University’s Center for European Studies. Her major book, Réinventer la tradition: Alexandre Stourdza et l’Europe de la Sainte-Alliance, was awarded the Guizot Prize of the Académie Française in 2009. She is currently completing a book entitled Conquering Peace: From the Enlightenment to the European Union for Harvard University Press. In parallel, she is working on a transnational history of the Black Sea region, from the Russian expansion in the eighteenth century to the present day. 

The year 2014 will be remembered as a transitional year in the political climate of Europe. Following the civil war in eastern Ukraine and the incorporation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, the continent is experiencing a reversal from a system of consensus into a system that is more reminiscent of the past opposition between NATO and the Warsaw Pact.