Richard Li-Hua

Richard Li-Hua, PhD, is Distinguished Professor of Strategic Management & Leadership and Strategic Advisor, Management School, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Campus, China; and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Pennsylvania State University, United States, and Bournemouth University, United Kingdom. He is also President of Camot Innovation Academy, Cambridge, United Kingdom. He was Visiting Scholar at Judge Business School, Cambridge University (2009), and served as President and Vice Chancellor of SIAS International University, China. He is the founder of China’s Embracing Innovation theory and is the author of the book Competitiveness of Chinese Firms: West Meets East.

What is behind the legacy of China? The country’s emergence from a weak to a strong power has not been an indisputable fact. It is important to understand, however, if this change and the country’s rise was a sudden phenomenon, or if it was based on a deep historical and cultural foundation.