Pedro Alejandro Basualdo

Pedro Alejandro Basualdo is Full Professor in Strategic Management at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina. He is Director General of the United Nations Academic Impact Programme in the Faculty of Economics Sciences at UBA, and also an International Consultant in Strategy. Mr. Basualdo is former Secretary of State of Argentina.

My primary impulse to write an article on HIV/AIDS came from my fundamental desire to contribute and to collaborate. I realize that my behaviour is founded upon a deeply-rooted sense of duty, a strong commitment, and a profound necessity. Psychologists refer to attitude as the disposition of a person confronting the world (the psychological view), which, once transported to a social setting, becomes values (the sociological view).
In this respect, therefore, allow me to coin the term "individual global responsibility: " a concept which embodies the attitude of an individual who, as a global citizen, demonstrates a profound sense of respect for human rights and dignity. Indeed, acting with individual global responsibility implies feeling an intense ethical and moral obligation to take positive action, starting with the understanding that in the world there are fellow human beings who are suffering and who have a right to be helped and supported. To be a global citizen means being aware of this obligation and this right.