Nadhiya Najab, Anupama Ranawana and Kulasabanathan Romeshun

Nadhiya Najab is a researcher at the Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), Colombo, Sri Lanka. Her areas of research include under- standing the post-war experiences related to resettlement, livelihoods and gender relations.  Anupama Ranawana is a senior researcher at CEPA. Her research interests include political economy, post-war development, feminist research methods, and religious political thought. Kulasabanathan Romeshun is a senior researcher at CEPA.  He leads CEPA’s research on “Facets of Poverty” and is particularly interested in measuring poverty and assessing the impact of macro factors on poverty.

This article is written in response to the theme of “eradicating poverty as a means of conflict prevention”. By asking whether the eradication of poverty prevents conflict, we reflect upon its complexity and interdependence with other aspects of modern day life. To focus solely on poverty reduction as a means of conflict prevention is somewhat reductive.